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Say No To Leads

Say “No” to leads! Say “Hello” to “directly matched”

Nobody likes spending time or money chasing leads that seldom close. In my experience, these types of leads are little better than making cold calls. If you have purchased leads before, then you have likely experienced this — “lukewarm” calling at best. You know their name, number and email (if they included that) and few other pieces of data. Even if you have complete data, you are usually competing with too many other agents, chasing the same customer data that was sold — and resold — many times over.

We all know that the best way to gain new clients is through building relationships with them… but how? If you want leads that are exclusive to you — leads in which the client chose you to work with — where can you turn, besides referrals? My experience is that the current leads market is frustrating, often unfruitful ‘trial-and-error’ process, searching for a good source of qualified leads while spending a lot of time and money experimenting with various resources and methods. Time after time, I thought to myself, “what an epic fail!”

As insurance agents, we struggle to find qualified, targeted customers that fit the types of products we sell. Consumers like to have choice and control when selecting the agent and providers they do business with. My experience with many lead generation resources is their offerings are not consistent with these consumer desires. Arbitrary decisions are often made for the consumer — including the choice of an insurance professional — or the selection is the arbitrary result of a quoting battle among several agencies. InsurCompare — a smart insurance comparison tool — is the inspiration of an seasoned insurance agent, intent on solving these issues for the agent and the consumer. InsurCompare consumers are empowered to evaluate their coverage options, choose the best insurance products and select the right, local agent to meet their needs. InsurCompare also provides agents exclusive, high-conversion leads. Customers who are ready to buy from their local, selected agent of choice.

If you can relate to these struggles and are looking for a better source for new clients and leads, give InsurCompare a try! Visit for more information.

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